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Accounting Officer

“Every problem is a gift—without problems we would not grow.”
Anthony Robbins

What type of business must appoint an accounting officer?

  • Accounting Officer for a close corporation
  • Accounting Officer for a body corporate
  • Accountant / Accounting Officer for a trust
  • Accounting Officer for a school
  • Accounting Officer for an insurance intermediary
  • Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (if registered with FSB)
  • Qualifications and experience of compliance officers
  • Accounting Officer for Non-profit Organizations
  • Accounting Officer for Credit Providers
  • Professional Accountant (SA) for Co-operatives
  • Professional Accountant (SA) for Fund-raising organisations
  • Professional Accountant (SA) for Regional Industrial Development Program
  • Professional Accountant (SA)/ Independent Accounting Professional for Private Companies.

Important business functions Accounting officers perform

  • Financial Reporting (IFRS and IFRS for SME) that is consistent and transparent and enables the user to make informed decisions. 

Financial Reporting (IFRS and IFRS for SME) includes:
- Statement of Financial position
- Statement of Comprehensive Income
- Statement of Changes in Equity
- Statement of Cash flow 

  • Analysis of Financial Information to further business efficiency by:

- Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an entity
- Evaluating internal controls and processes
- Identifying trends
- Implementing Accounting Software or management Systems

  • Draughting of Annual Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts to assist entities in reaching their full potential
  • Business Valuations to determine the economic value of an entity, covering all aspects of value with supporting documentation. 
  • Management Accounts can be prepared either monthly or quarterly and provides the user with a clear insight into the financial trading position of an entity. 

Management Accounts will enable the user to:
- Make informed decisions based on actual, recent information
- Constantly and effectively measure the performance of an entity
- Gain more control over cash flow
- Detect fraudulent activities
- Minimise annual accounting fees 

Adriana Taljaard is a recognised member of the professional body SAIPA allocating a designation of Professional Accountant (SA).
Membership conditions require relevant knowledge in accounting, tax and business management and enforces a strict code of conduct.