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BBBEE Structures and Specialised labour related advisory services

AT Accounting has partnered with SERR SYNERGY. The company consists of a group of professionals who offer a comprehensive range of specialist consulting and professional services at an affordable monthly retainer to suit your business’s size and specific needs.
Using one company that provides this broad spectrum of legal services reduces overall costs dramatically because you do not have to deal with different companies, while also receiving the highest level of service.

Specific expertise includes the following:

  • Labour and corporate attorneys;
  • Human resource specialists;
  • Qualified occupational health and safety advisors;
  • SETA-approved skills development facilitators;
  • SETA-accredited training facilitators, assessors and moderators;
  • UIF and workmen’s compensation experts formerly employed by the Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner;
  • Employment equity advisors.
  • Learnership programmes.


The revised BEE Codes theyre implemented on 1 May 2015 and all businesses are now being measured in terms of these Codes. In addition, the new Sector Codes are in the process of being implemented, bringing all industries in South Africa onto the same page as far as BEE compliance is concerned. 

It is also important to emphasise that all businesses are affected in different ways by the Revised BEE codes, including:

  • Generic/Large Enterprises (R50 million plus turnover per annum),
  • Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs) (R10 million to R50 million turnover per annum) and
  • Exempted Micro Enterprises (EMEs) (up to R10 million turnover per annum).

Companies that have failed until now to react need to do so very soon or face the gloomy prospect of being out of business within a relatively short period of time.

Many owners and heads of businesses in South Africa understandably feel confused and threatened by the revised BEE Codes, which focus on ownership and control. These are complex issues, but they are here to advise you on how the revised BEE Codes can in fact work positively for you and your business and help your business grow.

As industry leaders, SERR SYNERGY’S variety of ownership solutions differentiates them from the rest. They will assist you in the appropriate structuring of elements of your business to achieve BEE compliance and strong scorecard ratings. 


With the revised BEE Codes, the way in which points are allocated and measured will, on average, reduce the current status of most entities by three levels.

Hotheyver, if you understand the revised BEE Codes as they do, they present a range of completely legal options and opportunities, including tax incentives, that they can draw on to maintain or improve your scorecard status and at the same time optimise opportunities for your business.

Where appropriate, they structure all costs associated with BEE, including company restructuring and skills development, in such a way that they become an investment and return for your business, with additional benefits and incentives for your staff, which, in turn, will improve employee retention and productivity.

SERR SYNERGY has within a short space of time established itself as the leader in South Africa in the area of restructuring of businesses to become BEE compliant. Being the preferred service provider to various professionals and multi-national entities, they pride ourselves on being South Africa’s leader in Employee and Community B-BBEE ownership structures.  

  • They are the largest trust administrator in South Africa.
  • They are the only company in South Africa offering SETA-accredited training at an affordable monthly fee.
  • They are the only company in South Africa that synergises all legal requirements for businesses to become fully compliant with all aspects of the new BEE codes and all other legal requirements.
  • They are the only company in South Africa to confirm EmpoTheyring Supplier status in a holistic way, in line with the revised BEE Codes and including compliance with all the laws and regulatory requirements.
  • They are the only company in South Africa that customises a retainer package to suit your business’s size, specific needs and budget.
  • Our service is all about ensuring the sustainability and success of businesses in South Africa, based on our company motto: “A service to many leads to greatness”. 


  • They offer the most comprehensive Labour Service in South Africa as rated by various independent surveys.
  • They have an all-encompassing Occupational Health and Safety product.
  • They offer unique Consumer Protection guarantees.
  • They offer unique extended Labour Relations guarantees.
  • They use only SETA-approved Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs).
  • They ensure succession of business by means of specific legal entities, such as family trusts as part of our Corporate Governance product. This is critical in the South African business environment where more than 84% of businesses are family-owned.
  • They protect businesses and Business Owners/Directors in a range of ways, including minimising Directors’
  • liability.
  • They provide both a Business Administration and Corporate Governance product as part of one retainer package.
  • They set up Equity Equivalent Programmes for foreign-owned companies operating in South Africa.
  • They set up ownership structures, management companies and trading platforms as part of one retainer package.
  • They provide the most comprehensive information compliance service in drafting PAIA Manuals and POPI Information Security Policies/Systems.
  • They are the first company in South Africa with a uniquely packaged SERR YES (Youth Employment Service) Programme that includes YES programme registration, Labour support and YES-specific learning programmes.
  • They have developed empoTheyrment development training courses to assist black people to participate meaningfully in economic activities.